bookmark_borderShut Up!

Hey, hey, what do you say.
Shut up already I can't bear to see.
I'll be back someday.
Till then don't go away.
Shit man, how can this be!

I'm in the middle of a canyon.
I can't see the sun on the horizon.
I want to go swimming, but the water's frozen.
I can't help but think that I've been dozing.

Why is it that I've grown to like the dark?
When is the power going to come back on?
Where did I leave the keys to this room?
How do I pick the lock to get out?

Shut up, shut up, shut up already.
I've got a train to catch outside.
If I don't hurry I'll be left behind.
I've gotta break these chains soon.

What if I said that tomorrow's the day, would you believe me?
Ok, what if I said the day after that, is that something you can see?
Alright already, I get the point.
Just you wait till my train arrives.