I Made It

Yes!  I made it. Through the darkness and despair, I made it. Despite the nay-sayers and doubters, I made it. Above my own self-doubts, I made it. With the help of those that I love, I made it. To that place I dared dream of, I made it. I made it, yes, I made it!

I Shall Protect You

Against those that seek to hurt you, Against a world so big and daunting, Against your own self doubt and fears, Against the uncertain future, Against all that is bad, I shall protect you.

A Hero

A hero gives all to aid those in need. A hero brings light to darkness. A hero comes in all shapes and sizes. A hero knows not of being a hero.

Afraid To Go

I am afraid to go. I don't know what's ahead. I like it here, anyway. Why take the chance elsewhere? You know, sometimes I get bored. I wonder about aout there. I suppose it's ok not to know. I think I'll check out what's ahead.

Each New Day

Each new day gives us hope, Hope for change or hope for stability. Each new moment brings us closer, Closer to our dreams or closer to our goals. Each new act gives us strength, Strength to aspire or strength to maintain. Each new thought makes us smarter, Smarter to mature or smarter to play. Enjoy each new you.

My Path

My path has no beginning, and it has no end. It is governed by nothing, and shaped by everything. I do not control it, yer I am comforted by it. My path is not your path, and your path is not mine. Our paths may cross, if only for a moment. At these crossroads is where understanding lives. My path cannot be defined,  analyzed, graphed or measured. Any attemp to do so is a complete waste of time. It is what it will be and not what it was. My path is ever hungry, with a thirst that cannot be quenched. But it gives more than it takes. My path provides no favors, not even to me.

Release The Curl

I have the potential to be something great. I have the desire to extend beyond my reach. I have the will to challenge my faith. I have the need to learn what others may teach. I have the strength to release the curl.