Take a peek inside my bag - there you will find joy, fear, regret, pride, wonder, disgust and so many other widgets. What's in your bag?  I'll carry yours for a while, if you carry mine.  Let's meet at the corner of understanding and awareness.

I like oranges, how about you? If you like oranges, then I like you. They are so good, you can't help but like them. I know you will, if you try them. If you don't like oranges as much as I do, Then I must say that there is something wrong with you. I don't like plums, how about you? If you don't like plums, then I like you. They are a bit distasteful, and looks shady to me. If you take a quick try, you will also see. Don't tell me you like plums, because if you do, I really can't help but not like you. I hate avocados, how about you? If you hate avocados, then I like you. They are the worst of the bunch - no good at all. I'm sure you will agree that they make your skin crawl. If you don't hate avocados - unlikely as is seems, Then you must be crazy - and not just in your dreams. If you like avocados - I don't quite see how that could be true, Then, without question, I do hate you.

My Place of  Power

Choose to gain knowledge. Choose to love those that love you. Choose to be free of hate. Choose to be happy. Choose to be good.

Ride the waves of change, and dig deep into the pockets of knowledge along the way.